Summer Camp

Please consider signing up and participating in a virtual camp this year! Below is a link to a virtual camp that has a lot of great merit badge opportunities that you can do remotely with verified merit badge counselors. Click for more information.

Virtual Camp Information and Sign Up Link

Merit Badge Course List

The information below is not relevant for this year anymore, but we are keeping it on our site because this is the camp we will attend next summer as long as the COVID-19 situation has subsided enough to return to semi-normal activities. As this is more than a year out, a lot can happen between now and then, but these details should remain similar from year to year.

Register now for Summer Camp at Camp Rainey Mountain! Registration and first payment of $123 due by February 24th.When: July 12, 2020 to July 18, 2020Camping: Choose the standard camping experience focused on merit badges or rank advancement, or older scouts can enroll in a high adventure course including ATVs, Climbing, Backpacking, and Rafting.Cost: $369 for base camp including meals and classes and transportation.Payment schedule: $123 by February 24, $123 by March 30, $123 by April 27.Merit Badge Class Selection: In March those scouts that registered will pick their top 10 choices for merit badge classes. Additional costs can apply depending on merit badge class choices (some have a small cost for supplies between $3-$30), rafting (TBD), or high adventure selections ($30-$95 additional fee). These additional costs will be calculated and collected in May.Raise money for summer camp by selling Camp Cards! Camp cards sell for $5 and the scout gets half ($2.50) of each card sold which can be applied to future scouting outings including camp!For more information refer to the Camp Rainey Mountain website.Detailed information on the High Adventure options starts on page 19 of the Program Guide.A tentative list of merit badge classes and costs can be found here. Selections will happen in March.First time camper? Wondering what to expect? New scouts will spend part of their day at Camp Rainey Mountain in The New Trail "TNT" program. This program will allow them to complete a large number of Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class rank requirements. Read more on page 15 of the Program Guide. New scouts will also have time during the day to participate in some fun merit badges.Click here for a suggested packing list. Unlike a normal 1-2 night camping outing, you will need more than a hiking pack to transport all of your gear. The troop has been using a standard trunk (Amazon example) because it fits all the gear, has sturdy latches, serves as a seat when in base camp, and has a place where it can be secured with a lock. For more details on packing strategies, look for camp meetings that will be happening before camp!All participants are required to have completed medical forms from a pre-participation physical. Save time and get a head start by taking the forms to your annual check-up or physical. Forms A,B&C are required for summer camp and must be redone each year. Download them here.
To register simply submit a payment with the Paypal link below or via check by February 24th.
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